Argosy Minuet 7.3


This classic 24’ travel trailer was built in 1979 and we became the second owners in 1985. It has been well maintained over the years and has had numerous upgrades and refinements. The builders of the better known Airstream trailers also built the Argosy. This brand aimed to be a slightly less expensive offering and the Minuet series was more compact (7’ 3” wide) and lighter. New product ideas were often tested on the Argosy first. The wrap-around front windows are one example.


 The smooth rounded shape combines with the light weight of aircraft style construction to make an easy towing trailer. Maximum gross weight is 6000 pounds and we normally showed about 5000 pounds when actually weighed on the road. With our Dodge Durango mileage was only degraded by about two mpg. Crosswinds have less effect compared to the more common square trailers. The LP gas tanks are 7.5 gallons and have an automatic switching regulator valve. Exterior gas shutoff valves for each appliance are installed.


The Argosy’s exterior appearance is excellent because of the repainting done in 2001 and because it is normally garaged. Just last year we had all of the windows tinted. This also adds to the appearance but more importantly the interior heat and glare of the bright desert sun are reduced. Two permanently attached leveling supports are installed on each side.


 At the rear, some of the refinements and features are visible. A second battery is to the left beneath the small gas container. To the right is the gas powered 12V DC generator for recharging the batteries when shorepower is not available. Twenty feet of sewer hose is stored in the tube under the right. Electrical cords and sewer fittings are kept in the bumper compartment. You can see the attached awning.


 The sofa seats three and makes into a compact double bed. Underneath are the 26 gallon fresh water tank, pump, electrical components and storage. The upholstery, carpet and front curtains were replaced in 2002.




 In this view the four person dining table is erected from its storage place at the end of the sofa. The folding chairs are included and stow next to the entry. For two diners, the table can be left folded in the half sized position.


 The stove has four LP gas burners and an oven. There is plenty of storage for pots & pans along with three drawers. The fully ducted LP furnace is also located here. We traveled in Alaska, Canada and most of the lower 48 states and were comfortable in all kinds of weather.


 On the opposite side you will find the LP gas or 120V refrigerator & freezer. Here also is a spacious pantry and two smaller storage spaces. You can also see the storage place of the two folding chairs.



 The microwave oven is just forward of the left side kitchen counter and has the AC/DC TV with VCR and DVD on top. The fan cools the kitchen staff or guests. The Wineguard amplified TV antenna atop the trailer rotates to give excellent reception. Cable TV and telephone connections are provided.



 The bedroom has twin beds, excellent lights for reading, magazine storage and includes bedding. The mattresses were replaced in 1998.There is plenty of storage for personal articles, clothing and more.



 Removable bins provide convenient storage for clothing and are easily removable to go into the house for packing or to place on the bed for handy access. The bed on the trailer’s right side also has the six gallon LP gas hot water heater underneath.



 Overhead are two smaller compartments on each side. You can also see part of the 120V 13,500 BTU air conditioner which keeps the trailer cool when needed and AC power is available. This unit was installed in 2001.


 The toilet at the rear is located above the 12 gallon “black water” tank and the sink drains into the 15 gallon “gray water” tank as do the kitchen sink and shower. More storage is located under this sink.


 This is the shower. You can also see the mirror covered storage compartment and there is another small one behind the toilet.




 The closet provides hanging space for clothes and storage at the bottom. The circuit breaker box is here as is the 2000W DC to AC inverter. This has sufficient capacity to power any AC appliance in the trailer except the air conditioner. The closet door is hiding a medicine cabinet in the wall. Inside storage is generous for a compact RV.


 I still have the original Argosy owner’s manual and other original Argosy publications. Manuals for the appliances are also included.



Floor Plan

1. Water inlet

13. Water inlet - tank

2. 120 Volt distribution panel

14. Electrical inlet - city

3. Waste outlet

15. Toilet

4. Water heater

16. Air conditioner

5. Range exhaust hood

17. Refrigerator

6. Range and oven

18. Not applicable

7. Sink

19. Table

8. Furnace

20. Travel lounge

9. Battery

21. AM-FM Stereo radio/tape (optional)

10. Univolt

22. L.P.G. Tanks and regulator

11. 12 Volt fuse panel

23. Hitch

12. Water pump





This classic RV is offered at $8,500. A load leveling hitch and sway control are included. Also included are fire extinguishers, flashlights, and more. For more information please call me (Ken Taylor) at 520-625-4234 or email at